He’s lost his mind…

Having glanced at his recent posts at Slate, I can state with certainty that the prospect of having to view conservatives as human beings was too much for poor old Christopher Hitchens. He called Khaldi a “moderate” and insisted that plenty of Israelis call their government policies “apartheid” and “genocide”.
Yes, some Israelis do. They’re usually found in that delusional group known as the “peace group”.

Christopher Hitchens has started on the same path as Noam Chomsky, by deciding that criticism of those on the fringes constitutes a serious threat to liberty, rather than illuminating the racist that Khaladi really is.
“Criticism of Israel?” Come the fuck on, Christopher! These people oppose any Jewish presence in the Middle East and hate the idea of a Jewish state. Get off your anti-western religion trip – you can’t see that because these idiots proclaim in the West that they are “secular” that they still hate Jews and progressives.

You and Oliver Kamm are a disgrace to the Left.


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