Harry’s Place is right

I couldn’t agree more with this poster. The intelligensia of the “left” have already been trying to rationalise away the murderous hatred of the Islamists in Mumbai – without listening to a word that they actually say.

“The Nazis don’t want to kill Jews – that’s a Jewish lie!” Much difference?


4 Responses to Harry’s Place is right

  1. Miller 2.0 says:

    I’m pretty sure that everything can be rationalised, even if it is morally wrong. I don’t think that seeking knowledge on how these things are caused can be in any way bad, unless the method is biased or totally unscientific.

    We are living in a material world, after all.

  2. Andrew Adams says:

    Indeed. To understand what motivates people to do bad things is not the same as condoning them. A pretty simple point but one which seems to be lost on some people.

  3. JOS says:

    Miller and Adams: It doesn’t matter what motivates the senseless murder of innocents. There can be no rational, moral justification for such an act. You would argue that to properly understand the Holocaust, one must also consider the beliefs and actions of the Germans. This “perception is reality” philosophy is the basic attitude of relativism. Relativism rejects the idea of universal truths and, instead, endorses that truth is only relative to the circumstances to which it is applied. This sets a dangerous precedent when used to justify the actions of Nazi Germany, the 9/11 terrorists or the Mumbai terrorists.

    – JOS

  4. wien1938 says:

    One can be objectively rational, analyse a situation to find what may be happening above and below the surface. But the danger in this is that it disarms one of the ability to recognise danger. The point about looking at what motivated the attackers in Mumbai is to ask why they would attack innocents
    William Dalrymple is not being rational here. He does not tend to be rational or objective in analysing Muslim terrorism but instead resorts to the same prejudices motiving much of the media class, namely, that it is the fault of the West for not accomodating…
    How precisely should the West accomodate to an attitude that declares Hindus as non-persons and targets to be destroyed? Or that sends commandos to seek out the one Jewish centre in Mumbai, torture and murder an entire young family? – http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/nov/30mumterror-doctors-shocked-at-hostagess-torture.htm
    He implies that because the attackers were middle-class, that they were no motivated by the crass ideology of the mullahs. That is to ignore what every study of Islamist violence emphasises – the middle classes are the chief recruits of Islamism in the Islamic world. Theses are the educated ones, who absorb the ideology, argue about it and act in its name.
    William Dalrymple is helping spread lies about the attack in order to continue to blame the victims. It is not political rage that motivates a man to torture beyond recognition a young mother – it is hatred – hatred of Jews, hatred on non-Muslims, hatred of everything outside of the narrow path prescribed by Islamistic terroristic violence.
    Islamism is as much akin to Nazism as anything else.
    How can one seriously ascribe attitudes widespread across the Muslim world such as this, “The characteristics of the Zionist regime of Israel are terrorism, espionage and blood-sucking,” the general told ISNA., to political outrage? “Blood-sucking?” That’s straight out of the Nazi textbook!

    We cannot justify what happened in Mumbai and we cannot pretend that the statements of the terrorists, of their fellow travellors, supporting governments and own legal thinking (yes, al-Qaeda actually has its own Islamic legal guide to war) do not exist or are only noise against the “real” motives. When the Islamists declare Hindus to be infidels, Jews to be “blood-suckers” and the West to be the enemy – it not because of anything their victims have done but because of their identity.
    A Russian, a Pole or a Jew could not reason with the Nazis – we cannot reason with the Islamists. We are facing a totalitarian ideology based on religious supremacism and hatred – this is not an issue based crisis – this is a crisis of ideology.

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