The disease of relativism

Via Little Green Footballs, from here.

I’ve heard quite enough media pundits desperately trying to link the terrorist carnage in Mumbai to Western “issues”, whether Gaza (what starvation?), a mysterious failure to reach out to the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan (sorry, does WD mean not fight against the Taliban and their allies?) or the usual hobby horse of the traitors anti-war groups, Western troops in the Middle East and the liberation of Iraq.

Read the account from above. It’s from the perspective of an Indian family caught up in the attack.
Once you’ve read it, remain open minded and ask yourself this: how do any of the above issues actually relate to the crimes committed in Mumbai? Does “secular political outrage” (the implications of WD) motive two young men to machine-gun a line of frightened civilians against a wall? Does “anger against the occupation” motive them to open fire on a crowd in a railway station or seek out tourists and murder them? Do any of the above motivate normal people to go and seek out a tiny house in Mumbai, which happens to be only Jewish centre in Mumbai, which houses a young rabbi and his family engaged on an outreach mission – a mission of charity? And then to torture and murder them?

If you’re still engaged with the diseased thinking of relativism, you’ll probably accuse me of being Islamophobic to suggest that this was an Islamic agenda, inspired by the relevent verses in the Koran (Mohammed eagerly murdered an entire unarmed Jewish tribe – highest example of conduct to Muslims) that was being carried out on the streets and in the buildings of Mumbai. This is the same agenda that is played out against Israelis time and time again.

The disease of relativism is to ignore the reasoning of the terrorists and to dehumanize the victims by implicity accusing them of complicity in their governments “crimes”. It would not matter a jot what crimes had been committed against you if your response was the animal and barbaric agenda played out on the streets of Mumbai.

Perhaps the correct response might be the avatistic feeling that begins to emerge in one’s breast when this has happened again: revenge.

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