The new religion of the “secular” state

Quick post before bed. The usual drivel has been published by the government on education. There goes education as a concept – it is finally dead.

Think about this: Today, teachers are our priests and the schools our churches. The social services are our nuns – dedicated zealots, completely out of touch with the world. The civil service are the cardinals, directing all according to the sacred doctrines of PC-land, while the police are dragooned in as a reluctant inquisition.

Where has religion gone after it was drained from the churches? The belief has remained and acquired new clothing, but it is the same close minded, puritanitical and hypocritical, cant-speaking class that it was before. Just that they’ve had legal force over our lives since the 1970s.

To borrow Doug Payton’s closing catchphrase once more, “Consider that”.  (Apologies, Doug, but it is very apt…)

One Response to The new religion of the “secular” state

  1. Doug Payton says:

    Apology accepted, though not necessary. 🙂

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