A more than pleasant surprise

“A demonstration of Hamas’s surprise was that one of the targets hit in the air campaign was its police academy, bombed as it was holding a graduation ceremony. Between 70 and 80 Hamas gunmen are believed to have been killed in the strike.” Excerpt from JPost analysis.

Referring to the specific strike that destroyed  nearly a whole Hamas class of terrorists, I say, “About Fucking Time!” These wankers across the Middle East have been pulling their macho-hate displays in public for years and no one actually dropped a bloody bomb into the midst of those openly described as “combatants”. About time and very well aimed!

I was not expecting Israel to actually fight – bravo! Bravo Israel! Now ignore whatever international “condemnation” comes your way and finish the job – invade and destroy the ability to Hamas to govern. Israel will have to do the job that the Arabs cannot manage and rule Gaza as a province. But in the short term – kill the bastards.


3 Responses to A more than pleasant surprise

  1. schmoo says:

    I agree! You might like this: ” href=”http://schmoontherun.blogspot.com/2008/12/even-left-in-israel-support-gaza.html”>even the left in israel support gaza counter attack

  2. wien1938 says:

    Thanks for the links! Let’s see what develops over this week.

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