Seeing past delusions

The “international community” seem to have a fair few delusions about a number of things. I will delve into some of these later but for now let’s concentrate on Gaza (again).
Evelyn Gordan in the Jerusalem Post has pointed out problem of leaving a territory still run by terrorists in this article. Operation Defensive Shield as an ongoing present has placed a secure lid on West Bank terrorism. If Israel were actually allowed to do the same or defied the idiots on the UNSC to secure Gaza from the ground, then the rocket fire would gradually be eliminated and, let’s face it, the people living there would actually see their standard of living rise.
Gaza is not starving. There have been regular deliveries of humanitarian aid, the WHO reported at the beginning of the fighting that there were two weeks worth of food in Gaza, there continues to be deliveries of aid. The reason people are suffering remains Hamas and Islamic Jihad, in other words, the terrorists.
Destroy the terrorists and you bring peace. Peace is not a utopia – it is an absence of war.


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