Why ideas of a Two State Solution are flawed…

The best and simplest source for this argument is to be found at Wikipedia. I’ve run this point in a Harry’s Place debate before but it bears repeating since so few people have actually ever made a similar point.

If the democratic  will of the people is expressed in their political choice, then let’s look at the Palestinian Legislative Elections of 2006.
We all know that Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) won this election (by 3%). But what no one has ever pointed out is the broad choice of the electorate. Let’s line up the parties : next to each will be either “War” , meaning fight Israel, or “Peace”, meaning at least abandoning violence for peaceful political negotiation.
Hamas (War)
Fatah (War)
Independent Palestine (Peace)
Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa (War)
Third Way  (Peace)
The Alternative (War)
Wa’ad (Peace)

A wide and varied list? Indeed. How about the vote? The expression of the Palestinian people was for…war. The parties whose platforms called for peace gained 5.13% of the vote… Barely 1 in twenty of Palestinian voters on a turnout of roughly 75% actually voted for a peace process.
Not very impressive is it?

What does this mean for how the West and Israel should view and deal with the Palestinians? We have drop this bloody illusion that there is a two state solution. Fatah have made quite clear that they view the two state as a means to arm and prepare for the “liberation” of Israel. Hamas want war now and permanently. The various leninist and marxist groups want war.
Against a people who want war, we are deluding ourselves to treat with them as peacemakers.


6 Responses to Why ideas of a Two State Solution are flawed…

  1. Edmund Standing says:

    But if not Two State, then what?

    • wien1938 says:

      Well a partial answer that wil suffice for the immediate future can be found here. Israel will need to retain a territorial hold on the two regions and actively aid the Palestinians in developing the structures of a civil society.
      However one of the immediate and the major long term obstacles to this development is the genocide agenda of Palestinian society. Just as German youth was taught to hate and despise “the Jew”, so Palestinian society teaches it’s children to hate and despise Israelis as subhumans worthy only of annihilation.
      The medium term method for defusing and breaking down this hatred will be for Israel to directly rule the two regions as “provinces”. Not as fully fledged parts of Israel proper but as governed regions. The inhabitants should have full legal rights and forms of redress, slowly be allowed to govern themselves via democratic institutions and become accustomed to the rule of law. They should not be given voting rights as concerns Israeli matters but eventually once they are prepared to live alongside Israel in peace, they should be granted and assisted to independence.
      The obvious problem from the Israeli perspective is the (small) group of messianic settlers. But these can be dealt with even-handedly (and there are signs that Jewish settlers are both discriminated for and against by the Israeli state).
      So I am not actually against the Two State solution as a matter of principle, more a matter of practicality and timing. Israel made the land bloom – the Palestinians and their Arab brethren tried to destroy them in the name of their perverted sense of “honour”. Perhaps Israel can teach them how to live in peace and see their children prosper?

  2. Edmund Standing says:

    Thanks for your response, and this does seem very reasonable. I am in favour of two states but this clearly cannot happen while so many Palestinians hold such crazed views.

  3. wien1938 says:

    Thanks for your comments too. Tell me, is Edmund Standing a reference to Edmund Burke?

  4. Edmund Standing says:

    No, it’s my real name! 🙂

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