The idealist, the fool and the priest

“Pull out from Iraq and renounce the US policy of selective and unilateral military intervention to overthrow foreign dictatorships, like the Saddam Hussein regime, in favour of a policy supporting democratic and humanitarian civil society organisations within those countries, in order to empower the victims of oppression to liberate themselves.”

Peter Tatchell is an idealist and aspires towards the progressive and the good. There is a problem, not with the idealism but with the bloody stupidity of some of his sentiments. The question that hangs in the air at the sight of such a fatuous statement is “HOW?” How do you support such groups against barbarism? One cannot have a peace march against a government whose answer would be to machine-gun the crowds. In fact one might accuse Peter Tatchell of having a priest’s lust for imposing victimhood upon the weak – how many must be tortured, raped or murdered before such an end can be reached? How much terror will break a tyrannical regime?
The answer is “none”. Terror is always overthrown from the outside.


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