Israel and Rwanda

A truely disgraceful article on BBC Online.
I have written a complaint as follows:

I am writing to complain about a disgraceful article published on BBC Online. Mark Doyle compared Israel to a state founded on genocide, this being the implications of the statement “The ethnic Tutsis of Rwanda experienced their genocide in 1994 but a Tutsi-dominated government then came to power and has ruled ever since.” To an uninformed reader, it would appear as if it were an unchallenged truth that Israel had massacred or expelled its Arab population in 1948. This article attempts to relativise the racist and planned mass-murder of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tutsis with the founding of the State of Israel. No such factual link can be made. Rwanda existed prior to 1993-94; Israel did not. The Hutu leaders openly admit that they planned to exterminate the Tutsi; at no point did the leaders of the Jews in Palestine ever consider even the explusion of Arabs. The continued presence of Israeli Arabs inside Israel should contradict these points – neither can Israeli Arabs be pointed to as examples of second class citizens when they enjoy the same rights as all Israelis. Compare this to the active demonization and dehumanization of the Tutsis by Hutu media, politicians and even churchmen. This article is misleading and untruthful. I would like the BBC to publish a correction and apology for poor standards of journalism.

Let’s see what the response will be.


12 Responses to Israel and Rwanda

  1. In your article you state as a fact that the hutu leaders openly admit that they planned to exterminate the tutsi’s. This is not correct!

    Peter Erlinder of William Mitchell College of Law and a Lead Defense Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), says in the article “Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning … No Genocide?”
    “that if – as the ICTR recently ruled in the “Military I” trial – alleged “masterminds” Colonel Theoneste Bagosora and fellow top Rwandan military officers engaged in no conspiracy and no planning to kill ethnic civilians, the tragedy that engulfed Rwanda in 1994 may not properly be called a “genocide” at all… ”

    I think the article is more about Rwanda using the genocide as a pretext to create a police-state that denies democracy to the majority of the Rwandan people while the west closes i’ts eyes because of guilt.

  2. Amani says:

    Yes there can be no comparison, and i think the article states that “The parallels with Israel are not exact, of course”. Don’t be astray from the main issue in focus-Congo!

    Yes, Israel has expelled Palestinians, and they massacred them to form the state of Israel, this was all carefully planned. And yes there are Arab Israelis, but they have no rights and are still discriminated against. They are prisons in their own land, just like the Native Indians in America. Change is needed, pointing figures won’t do that. It’s time for peace and perhaps sharing, after all Israelis and Palestinians are from the same family.

    This is the truth and should be addressed. The issue here is Congo, not Rwanda nor Israel. The issue of Rwanda runs deeper than perceived. Rwanda and Uganda invaded Congo in the mid 90’s and this sparked the crisis in Congo. These two government have continuously fueled the means for war-soldier, weapons in Congo. The Rwandan government supports the rebels in Congo, however the militarized Congolese government has also played their part in this war. it comes down to the East-African trade movement-MONEY!

    I think the article was meant to be informative not so much to link the two events. However they should have considered the comparison to avoid such misconception.

    • wien1938 says:

      Israel has expelled Palestinians, and they massacred them to form the state of Israel, this was all carefully planned
      Ok. Go and actually read some history before you make wild accusations. When you find out about the Arab regimes plans to massacre the Jews in Palestine and the orders given by those regimes to the Arabs to leave, you might find some context.
      And yes there are Arab Israelis, but they have no rights and are still discriminated against.
      Evidence please.

  3. Suzanne says:

    @wien1938, Arab Israelis are sure not having the same rights as Jewish Israelis. The latter HAVE to go on duty in the army, whilst the Arabs can go if they want to. Horrific discrimination!

  4. wien1938 says:

    Hi Suzanne, nice to have you here. Nice blogsite too.

    Well, I believe national service for the Israeli Arabs would be a good thing too, though there are risks involved (military training which may end up being used by terrorists, heightened danger of treason or security leaks) because it will help do a number of things.
    1. It will help Israeli Arabs have a genuine sense of community with their Jewish fellow citizens.
    2. It will break down an insular and tribal mindset that has survived to a certain extent in some Arab communities.
    3. It will help the Israeli Arabs see the Palestinian terrorists for who they really are: child murderers and thugs.
    4. It will do a lot for Arab girls to get out of social restrictions on their behaviour.

    Anyhow, some thoughts.

  5. Hutu leaders never admitted that they planned the extermination of tutsi’s. In fact it genocide has now

    That is a fact and that is the point I was making. I also want to point you to the fact that the ICTR recently ruled that there was “no planning”. I don’t really understand where you get the idea that I somehow think all Israeli’s are terrorists.

  6. wien1938 says:

    The fact that this professor believes the US to be far more dangerous than Moscow somewhat compromises his grip on reality.
    Go away.

  7. It’s a subject I have been closely following, that’s why I commented on your story. It’s not that I absolutely want to win a debate. Even an important scolar on the Rwandan Genocide has reconsidered his position concerning the current regime in Kigali in his new book:

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