Fantasies of the moment

One of the worst, most disastrously stupid and pernicious fools in the global market of ideas is Naomi Klein.

There is a excellent critique of her work here. In short, she is dishonest with the facts and figures, ignorant of actual economics but even more shockingly ignorant of the works of those she professes to critique.

Why is she so popular? Because she tells the global anti-capitalist left exactly what they want to hear – that capitalism is an evil plot by a wicked cabal, that we’re controlled by this cabal, that no anti-capitalist leftwinger can ever feel guilty about the murders and horrors carried out by anti-capitalist regimes (for the good of their people, you understand), let alone the miserable grinding poverty that leftwing economics and political authoritarianism create.

Because she’s a woman, she can be viewed as “sympathetic” and because she’s a mother (though she whined about that) she must be “naturally intiative (“I’m a mother! I know! – see MMR). Because she’s “nice” and “brave”, no one will actually question the solutions she’s peddling, which is kind of the point. The emotional rhetoric surrounding the  “Our Dear Führer” is meant to prevent questioning… Remember that Führer means leader, the anti-capitalist left will willing follow anyone who promises utopia in the face of reality…


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