Obama discovers NATO is a joke

And it’s a joke played on those nations whose governments are not completely self-serving.

So it is down to the same nations to actually fight the battle. Looking at the wikipedia page on ISAF, how many countries are bravely guarding Karbul International Airport?
The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic are the NATO nations actually involved in fighting (which is kind of the point to having an army?) as well as some small contigents from other nations (not to disparage those nations, I’ve read accounts of their bravery).
The Spanish, true to their history, are located ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. And in the safest part.
The Italians  have done some little fighting (probably authorised in Parliament)…in 2006. Well done.
The French…their special forces were withdrawn in 2007, their paratroopers were ambushed in August last year and the country demanded that they be withdrawn. Fortunately Sarkozy has a backbone. Unfortunately, he is French, which means you never quite know where you stand with them.
The Germans… Where to start…
Let’s begin with a comparison.  There are eighty two million Germans against sixty million in Britain. The British Army is larger than the Bundesheer at 147,000 against 137,000. This means that the Bundesheer represents (including conscripts and reservists) 0.002% of the German population. The British Army represents 0.0025 of the British population.
There are currently 8,300 British soldiers in Afghanistan against 3,600 German soldiers…who are currently drinking too much, smoking pot and being bored. Each time the Germans have been asked to either remove the caveats or send more troops, they have refused (apart from promising 1,000 extra last June).

Anyway, the Germans, the Spanish and the Italians are forbidden from combat operations other than self-defence. We hear the cowardly nations of Europe (as opposed to the brave) talking about being sceptical that the battle could be won by bringing in more men to fight. Yeah, there may be something there, as in most arguments except that THEY HAVEN’T TRIED!

NATO is a joke. Fuck the Germans, the French, Spanish and Italians. They won’t fight. We need a new defence organisation based on those who will.


2 Responses to Obama discovers NATO is a joke

  1. Adolph says:

    This new organisation you are talking about, where all the people ready to fight get together, is it the 4th reich of the aryan race?

  2. wien1938 says:

    Well, you could try the nations actually fighting in Afghanistan. That does now seem to include the Germans after they launched a local offensive against Taliban elements in their region. Am impressed by what I’ve read of that operation.

    Nice try with the moral equivalence. Now fuck off.

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