Shire Network News, recent entry

Have decided to post comment here as the comment button does not appear to be working…

Excellent podcast entry! Agree with a great deal of what was spoken here. I disagree partly on religion and fear. I think that it is a combination of mutual interest, altruism and law that makes societies work better and keeps people within the bounds laid down by society. That said in Britain we still live in a society whose ethics are influenced by Christian ethics, in addition to the ethics of Greek philosophy and the organic ethics of Western family life. What we should not forget is that so much of what drives the crazed-Left is religious in impulse without a deity. I do not mean that that this part has set up a deity of their ideology but that the same pyschological impulses that used to be fed into religion (or that secular religion, socialism) are still grounding themselves in a fruitless (for it is always so) search for Utopia. You guys should seriously talk to Philip Stott of [url][/url] and ask him his thoughts on what drives the modern Left today. I have been a fan of his for as long as I have been listening to this show (from when you first had Nick Cohen on here). It is perspicacious, is it not, that President Obama’s agenda is proving to be [i]radical[/i]? Just like Melanie Phillips and others had been warning… It is called seeing what is in front of your nose, something only a few of us (including this site) have been doing for a very long time. Finally, I love the Churchill quotes and agree fully with putting Churchill up for one of the great men of history.


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