Caroline Glick is right once more

Reading her latest column in the JPost, she argues that Israel should morally speak up for the anti-regime protesters in Iran and should do it can to aid them. Once again the West is just waiting for a tyranny to crush its opponents, proving that the West’s obsession with human rights is merely a canting form of speech.
Britain, by any reasonable measure of moral politics should enact the same measures she prescribes for Israel: publically supporting democracy, acting to give alternative channels of information and communication to the opposition and making clear that the agenda of the Iranian regime is not that of the Iranian people.
There is not likely to be much of a chance of change, especially if the regime resorts to massacre (by bringing the army onto the streets) but history is resplendent with moments of seeming madness turning a fixed situation into an unknown number of possibilities.
Britain, as should Israel should support the opposition and do all it can to aid a change of regime. It is time to drop the scales from our collective eyes.


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