This is the second time around

Hit tip to Harry’s Place for its superb blogging on the ongoing repression in Iran. But this has happened before: read this article by an Iranian dissident in 2004.
The Iranian regime is one of the worst on the planet – and therefore protected by the Left, especially as it has a fig-leaf of “democracy” in front of the tyranny, which given the controls placed on that democracy, render it a fraud – like the recent elections.
Reports are coming out of police and Revolutionary Guardsmen opening fire on crowds, of abducting the wounded from hospitals (probably never to be seen again) and arresting “foreign agents” (i.e. opposition leaders, thinkers and organisers). All trade, whether merchant or financial should be severed at once. This is the bare minimum that the West could do – but to change the regime, which is founded in terror, murder and the threat of unrestricted violence, we should prepare to wage war.
Freedom should be our slogan. Where injustice is allowed to exist, all justice is emperilled (to loosely quote Dr King).


2 Responses to This is the second time around

  1. JOS says:


    I couldn’t agree more! The US House appropriations subcommittee recently passed the Sherman-Kirk Amendment that would cut-off bank financing for any company that exports gasoline to Iran or helps it develop new refining capacity.

    Since Iran imports more than half of its gas from other countries, this (according to Dick Morris) presents its greatest vulnerability:

    “The amendment is largely aimed at Reliance Industries Limited of India, which has gotten $900 million in loan guarantees from the Export-Import Bank — of which $500 million is to help expand Reliance’s Jamnagar refinery, which refines almost a third of Iran’s gasoline imports.”

    “Apart from the obvious question of why the United States taxpayer is helping to finance the refinement of Iran’s gasoline, the Sherman-Kirk Amendment offers the timid Obama administration the perfect way to show the anger and outrage it claims to feel at the suppression of democratic dissent in Iran.”

    But the question is: Will the Sherman-Kirk Amendment, or anything like it, ever see the light of day?

    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    JOS – I doubt we will see the S-K Amendment as the Democrats seem bent on appeasement.
    Nice to hear from you again – too much real life work means too little energy to blog…


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