A line marked “taboo”

Hello the five people who occasionally drop by to see if I’ve updated! Well, here’s something I’ve been sitting on for a little while and thinking over.
Someone, it might have been Nick Cohen, once said that people who view themselves, not as “good” but as “virtuous” are actually deeply unpleasant but repress that unpleasantness for fear of violating the cultural taboos in which they live. We would not dream of holding a woman in politics to a different standard (well, actually most political commentators do hold women to a different and unfair standard) but when a woman has entered the “wrong” camp in politics, those self-rightously virtuous souls not only hold that person to a different standard – they violate every taboo around sexism, attacks on her family and children. Indeed when one looks at the liberal-left media treatment of Sarah Palin, one can only conclude that the self-appointed bearers of women’s rights and equality decided that Sarah Palin did not merit the rights which they insist are universal.
Disgusting sexual smears (all fabricated) have been used against her and her daughters – yes that means you, Letterman. A concerted attempt to undermine and criminalize Sarah Palin has been waged since she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. If this was being waged by the “Republican attack machine”, there would be outrage at her treatment but the secret to this puzzle lies back in 2000-2001.

After Gore lost to Bush in 2000, the left wing reacted by criminalizing (in their world view) the political right. From then on all ethical standards were not to be applied Republicans, who were now designated as evil. In a certain sense, the left reacted to defeat by declaring political war against the right. The patterns of this war can be seen in the treatment of Sarah Palin – intense media attacks promoting a caricature of a far-right, fundamentalist slut combined with incessant legal challanges; the same pattern first applied in the 2006 Congressional elections. The legal challanges are an important element in this war as these wear out the political personalities and eat up political funds.
David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine has been mapping these attacks for years. I wasn’t sure whether he was seeing things that won’t there until last year but I first began to be worried by the political tone of the US left when I ran across a slogan on the Sonic Youth forum entitled “Take America Back!” I’m not saying that this was some conspiracy giveaway, rather it was the tone: totalitarian, intolerant and filled with hatred.

The left in America is sick because it all knows how to feel and think today is to hate. Think about the US left’s reaction to the election in Iran – they can’t hate the Iranians, so they ignore them. Hate poisons politics – think on this.


5 Responses to A line marked “taboo”

  1. I wrote some musings on Palin as well. Seems we agree that the left considers themselves exempt from charges of sexism even when they blatantly engage in it. I enjoyed your take.

    I understand your conclusions about the 2000 elections and the reaction from the left. Perhaps you’re right & that intensified things. I have felt that much of the conspiring and obstructionist behavior Democrats engaged in between 2001 and 2009 were rooted in vengeance. Republicans spend much time, money, & effort looking for dirt on Clinton. Any innuendo & we torn off like a pack of wolves just sure there was corruption. I never liked Clinton for political reasons but our side went too far and we’ve paid the price in being viciously attacked now that the power has shifted back to the left.

    I think part of this huge push toward socialism and global governance is the left’s effort to make certain the right can never take control back again. They have this small window in which to make irreversible changes. And they are going for it without reading the fine print. Hell, they aren’t reading the bold print.

  2. JOS says:

    Great post, Richard, and I couldn’t agree more. Delving a bit deeper into this, and prompted by the (above) comment by “anamericanidiot” we see not only a power shift in Washington, but a sort-of role reversal.

    Prior to John McCain’s nomination, the republicans had long been accused of being unwavering ideologues, willing to lose on principle rather than win on compromise. A McCain presidency would’ve likely changed that dynamic. Now they just appear weak, disorganized and directionless. While the democrats, who for the past couple of decades have been considered waffling, poll-obsessed quitters; the pseudo champion of the little guy but remaining faithful to well-funded special interests, have returned to the days of FDR and federal interventionism. Obama’s win has emboldened them to do for broke!

    Here’s hoping for radical change in 2010, before America loses its identity forever!

    – JOS

  3. wien1938 says:

    Thanks for the post JOS.
    So far it seems to me that the only thing holding the Republicans together was the experience of being in power. The Republicans do need to focus on what works and what matters to the American people.

    The Democrats have a programme but it is twenty or even fifty years out of date and shot through with utopianism and cynicism side by side. I am worried about the underhand and dictatorial tone eminating from Obama but am rather amused by this being directed at his own party’s senators!
    Nice to see seperation of powers having an effect!

  4. HA says:

    When the American left is led by some crappy comedian by the name of Jon Stewart … Well, that just tells you everything you need to know about it.

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