Doubts? I’ve had and continue to have a few…

Try this entry from a lovely lady. As we all knew the “Hockey Stick” thesis was created by the manipulation of data to suit a politicised agenda.
Her Majesty’s Government has a bit of explaining to do…

On a seperate note, I’m starting to think about a nice dish of humble pie over Sarah Palin. Maybe she’s not as moderately conservative as I thought. See the link here from Little Green Footballs. This may just be a part of the Republican Party’s collaspe as the internal dynamics of the party, unbuffered by the realities of power continue to tear it apart.


2 Responses to Doubts? I’ve had and continue to have a few…

  1. JOS says:


    I read the LGF post about Palin’s ghost writer, Lynn Vincent, and her association with “white supremacist” Robert Stacy McCain. McCain received the ws label from the Southern Poverty Law Center who have a reputation of late of targeting moderate and mainstream Americans and journalists that amounts to nothing more than squelching free speech. For example, speak-out against affirmative action and you’re likely to be labeled a racist by the SPLC.

    Both Vincent and McCain espouse Christian values, and I believe they’re sincere. Vincent is a skilled and respected conservative writer and her strong convictions on controversial topics such as abortion and gay marriage make her an easy target for left-leaning zealots. Therefore, I believe your inclination to alter your view of Palin is premature. I believe she is the moderate conservative you think she is. My concern lies with her leadership ability. I’m not sure she’s got what it takes to coalesce the Republican party.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

    – JOS

  2. wien1938 says:

    You may be right, JOS. I’ve become worried by LGF’s politics of late. They don’t seem to have any belief in themselves.
    I should also have checked those links out but then I was relying on LGF to be reliable. Perhaps I should (as indicated on the AGW posts) be much more sceptical about LGF postings in future.
    I can’t credit Palin with WS views. What worries me is, as you put it, “her leadership abilities”.

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