The trouble with Modern Women

I enjoyed reading this article by Charlotte Allen so much that I’m linking to it here. I disagree in a few places and wish conservatives could get over their obsession with virginity. The problem lies in the lack of internal moral discrimination. If people want to have sex, great! Go ahead, have fun but don’t think that instant sexual attraction is the only measure of both sexual attraction and long-term happiness.
I’m not and never been a sexual prude. What I’ve had has been great fun and mutually pleasurable. I can’t understand the obsession with virginity and think that marriage is a good thing if you’re both suited to one another. I’ve known so many happy couples that I wonder what has gone wrong in my age group.

I’ve found the dating game so depressing that I’ve resigned from the gene-pool as it were. You say that you’re a decent chap, looking to find someone nice to share the next sixty years and no one pays any attention. You say that you’re just looking for no-strings-attached sex and you get instant attention – huh?
Honestly, I feel that women need to grow up.


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