Unscientific scientists

The link to the original article is here.

If someone spoke in public in this manner, what would you think of their scientific  credentials? I’ve removed as much as possible to preserve the mystery…

I am not going to dwell on [removed]. The science is in. [removed] should simply be condemned as a socially disruptive cognitive disorder. It seduces people who are psychologically unwilling to admit limits to [removed]. [removed] cling to the arrogant “mechanical philosophy” of mankind’s infinite right and capacity to exploit and transcend his [removed]. Or, they suffer from a kind of morally indifferent, fatalistic nihilism.

Like other cognitive disorders that have in the past caused great suffering to humanity, [removed] is impervious to observed facts. As the [removed] crisis worsens, [removed] perversely flourishes even more, confusing the community and eroding public support for sound risk-averse policies.


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