The EU Referendum Campaign

Today I am going to argue in favour of the EU Referendum Campaign. It is time the British people had a voice in the debate over the corrupt and undemocratic European Union. We did not sign up to become a part of Greater Europe. We demand the abrogation of the treaties limiting British democracy and sovereignity and the negotiation of a free-trade treaty with the European Union states.
It is time that our elected politicians finally acknowledged that the European Project is one consistently rejected by the electorate and acquised in by the political class out of a sense of weary resignation from Conservatives and a vague and tired sense of “international” unity from the Labour Party.
There are times when the political class are right and when they are wrong and those who argue in favour of the European political project, rather than the existence of free trade are wrong.
To those who would argue for the European project expanding workers’ rights and so on, I would support much of the principle of those developments but oppose the means. We have to make those decisions in this country and not be informed by dictat that our laws are to be changed.
Vote for democracy and national freedom. Campaign for a referendum and vote “yes” to leave the European political project.
Sign the pledge and add your support today.
The EU Referendum Campaign

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