Ken Livingstone reselected by the Labour Party for London.

Seems that the London Labour Parties have set the example for the wider constituency parties in taking refuge in their socialist past.
The issues around Ken Livingstone not only touch on his cronyism and his egotistical personality but also on his ideological issues. This is a politician who speaks of being in favour of women’s and gay rights but then will ally covertly and overtly with Islamists whose position on those issues is a:) subjugation, legal rape and the removal of women from the public sphere and b:) death to all homosexuals, lesbians etc.
Besides these emotive issues, Ken Livingstone openly allies with the Iranian regime, the Chavez regime in Venezuela and the Muslim Brotherhood in the same pattern as we have seen all hardcore socialist thinkers and politicians doing in concert with the western liberal intelligentsia.
Re-electing Ken Livingstone would be bad news for London at the very least.


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