Iraq and legality again…

Wars can never be illegal as they are a sovereign act of a state. To call an act of state illegal is to conflate international and domestic law; the former is merely a set of agreements between sovereign actors and is not subject to a higher or stronger authority.
The long term benefit of the war has not yet been discerned. I would argue the consequentialist line which can be heard is a selective opinion of hindsight masquerading as philosophical truth. What are the long term effects if Iraq becomes a relatively functioning democracy? We don’t know exactly but if Israel is anything to go by, it will increase the pressures in the authoritarian monarchies and dictatorships from the liberal quarters of Arab society. Am I certain about this? No, because I cannot predict the future, based as it is on so many unknowns. But this is one element never entered into the anti-war arguments: do the anti-war speakers note the day-to-day events in Iraq? Have they noted that the militant Islamist cause has been materially damaged by its attempt to turn Iraq into the major front against Zionists and Crusaders? The answer is no.
Because ultimately the anti-war camp is divided into two parts; liberal and conservative. This is not a narrow spectrum but one that presaged the political realignments taking place underneath the political surface of the West. The liberals talk of human damage, the conservatives talk of benefits and unnecessary war. Both speak of legality and financial cost without acknowledging that there are legal arguments FOR the war and that a position of legality even in the conventional sense cannot be discerned UNTIL the case is tested in a court of law – and there is no court fit to judge the merits of the Iraq War.


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