Thoughts on UK politics this week

My first thought to be written here is to be impressed with a Labour shadow minister (shock horror). Am currently watching Liam Byrne replying to Frances Maude during the Quangos debate. A very measured and professional performance. I’m also impressed with Frances Maude as Minister for the Cabinet Office.
The quangos reform seems to me to be a very sensible measure. I hope the Equalities and Human Rights Commission dies too.

I never thought that Cameron was that impressive a performer at PMQs. For most of his opposition leadership, Cameron faced Gordon Brown – not the most effective of speakers. The mere fact that Ed Miliband can speak with reasonable fluency seems to have surprised people. The next weeks will be interesting to see if one is stronger than the other.

The Linda Norgrove tragedy leaves little to be said. The right decision was taken, the surviving terrorists must be hunted down and the COIN strategy must continue. Pakistan remains a deeply problematic issue.

I remain in favour of the Browne proposals on higher education. The best measure this government could take to ensure the long term health of the British university system would be to remove all restrictions but also all financial support except where joint development projects require this.


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