20 things that are not Fascist.

Fascism is dead in the West. It died with the last fascist regimes of Spain and Portugal. The only existing fascist regime left is Baathist Syria, whose ruling party was modelled on the National Socialists in Germany.

Fascism does not mean:
1. Politics with which you disagree.
2. Politics that you don’t personally like or agree with.
3. Patriotism.
4. Defence.
5. National security.
6. Conservatism.
7. Right-wing politics.
8. Zionism.
9. Anti-communism.
10. Being opposed to political correctness or left-wing group-think.
11. Cutting taxes.
12. Being a conservative Christian (which I am not).
13. Being concerned about revolutionary Islam.
14. Imperialism.
15. George W. Bush.
16. Neoconservative or Neoconservatives.
17. Advocating war against tyrannical regimes.
18. Defending Western liberal values.
19. Telling those who hate their own country that there are real authoritarian states in the world and to go and try living there before making stupid remarks.
20. Having free-market ideas.


One Response to 20 things that are not Fascist.

  1. Well said. Nor is writing that “perhaps not all Jews are nasty people”, but this will get you deleted at The Guardian.

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