John Rentoul is right and wrong

JR’s piece was good but I think Old Labour as a term was the wrong one to have used. The problem with EM’s approach is that it is populist.
He’s playing to the Lib Dem and trade unions gallery at present, by refusing to commit to spending cuts and promising to protect all public services.
He’s being “against the Iraq War” and “against the cuts” in higher education to please liberal-leaning ex-Labour voters and natural Lib Dems to try and build an election winning coalition. But, thick idiot that he is, Ed Miliband has tried to win over the intelligentsia to vote Labour as a bloc, when he should be worried about the weakness in the Labour vote amongst the ordinary voters.
While at the moment, Labour are strongly ahead in the polls, they’ve yet to say very much which leads one to suspect that the polls reflect the confusion and distaste which marks the public attitude towards the Coalition.
Ed Miliband needs to have a game-plan for the next election but I suspect his plan will focus on Guardian-type discontentment, focusing on tax increases on the wealthy (as well as the poor), not cutting spending but “spending smarter” as well as “efficiency savings”, and focusing on overt euroscepticism on the fringes of the Conservative party as a means of branding the Conservatives as “right wing”.
It is a remarkable unimaginative plan from a remarkably unimaginative Labour leader.


One Response to John Rentoul is right and wrong

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, especially on the last two paragraphs. It surely is, if it’s anything at all, “a remarkable unimaginative plan from a remarkably unimaginative Labour leader.”

    These people, apart from Rentoul, just don’t get it.

    Labour is not and never has been the natural party of government. Well, not until 1997 it wasn’t.

    It took 33 years to find a Blair.

    It could well be another couple of dozen years before they find another winner.

    And then these dinosaurs will still blame Blair for ‘losing it all’ over the Iraq war (which of course he didn’t) while they watch mesmerised as the Tories develop Blair’s policies.

    I think it’s called getting your come-uppance.

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