Middle East Jokes from 1973

Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon. I’ve selected a few which I find rather funny!


You know the story of the scorpion who wanted to cross the Suez Canal. He asked a camel if he could ride on his back.

The camel said, “If I do and you sting me, I will be dead.”

The scorpion said, “I will drown also, so you have every guarantee.”

So the camel took the scorpion on his back and they started across. In the middle of the Canal the scorpion stung the camel and as they drowned the camel asked, “what did you do this for?”

The scorpion said, “you forgot this is the Middle East.”


There is a story about an Arab lying in his tent trying to take an afternoon sleep.

There were a lot of children making a lot of noise. So he told the children, “In the village they are giving away free grapes and you should go there.”

So the children went away to the village.

It got very quiet. Just as he was falling asleep he said to himself, “You idiot, what are you doing here if they are giving away free grapes?”

So he went to the village.


(From the great Moshe Dayan)

The other day the Egyptians asked the U.N. forces to move a little out of the way so they could fire on us.

The U.N. forces wouldn’t, so the Egyptians moved a little away.




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