Roger Scuton, Beauty and Mysticism

What is lost in modern attempts to criticise and defend religion is to misunderstand the place of mysticism.
Roger Scruton is right when he asserts that the modern world is ideologically loveless. It rejects all notions of beauty and transcendentalism as either a flawed construction or as a deliberate fraud. Instead it merely seeks to tell us that all is despair and greed.
Compare this rejection of love to the story in the Ring Cycle. That to obtain objective dominion over the world, we must renounce love and thus gain control. But the temptations of dominion destroys everyone including the gods themselves.
The message of religion is not torment, control or manipulation but a binding of people. We make religion because without it we are left only with ourselves and our own desires.
Even humanists make religion by seeking at least an informal system of personal and public ethics.
What we must reject is the idea of a deific origin of beauty and religion. Indeed, this rejection has its roots in radical protestantism in removing God from the external to internal. We seek the transcendent in ourselves. This is why we see beauty in nature, in the human form and in music because these things resonate within our selves.
The acceptance of mysticism is the acceptance of the limitation that humans cannot individually or collectively acquire total knowledge and in accepting this, we can relinquish a conflict which has become destructive.
In letting go of a desire to encompass life within a single understanding, we instead rediscover that life is rich and deep in meanings, indeed multiple meanings!

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