A belated deletion from my blogroll

March 26, 2009

I’ve removed Jihad Watch from my blog roll. The reasons for this are the same as the reasons why Charles Johnson of LGF took issue with Robert Spencer. We cannot be associated with extremists and Robert Spencer’s comments and subsequent behaviour were not exactly creditable.

The height of egocentric stupidity

June 22, 2008

In the Times, this Sunday, Simon Jenkins has displayed his cogent grasp of the realities of the war between the West and the Islamists in his article calling on the West to cease fighting the Taliban. To grant him more intelligence than customarily given, let us ask what his reasoning for this cowardice must be…
The answer is disturbingly close-minded: We need the Taliban to help suppress Al-Qaeda…
Seriously, how stupid and typical of an egocentric analysis of the situation? Jenkins refuses to acknowledge that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, while not the same thing are part of the same movement, which is Islamism. In their speeches, legal documents and policy statements, the Islamists have proclaimed their aim and desire to take over the world. Yes, that is the truth of the matter. A global caliphate.
Simon Jenkins obviously has decided that it is too far fetched to imagine that the Taliban might have wider aims than being yet another “resistance” movement. No, the Taliban must be purely a local political group, in defiance of all evidence to the contrary. Convenient eh? This would mean, if true, that the real warmongers are the Bush administration and their Western lackeys. I’m just waiting until he mentions neo-cons or zionists…
But let us put aside the hubristic idea that they are just a local resistance group and look at the human rights implications of this attitude. Simon Jenkins is seriously proposing handing over the women, children and ethnic and religious minorities of Afghanistan to the rule of Islamists or Islamic fundamentalists. Let’s see how that’s working out in Iran? We could ask the women’s rights movements or the Baluchis. I guess all this displays is Simon Jenkin’s innate racism: only white people deserve human rights. Fuck everyone else.
To which I would reply: how did that work in 1939?

McCain, Sampley and the disgraceful right

February 10, 2008

A quick entry here: I still support McCain, in spite of Charles Johnson’s insane belief in that liar and lunatic, Ted Sampley. Is it more likely that Sampley is a fantasist or merely mendacious? I have to admit believing that there was some truth to the Swiftboat Vets allegations against John Kerry, but now I have actually done some reading, I can only conclude that the SBV were liars.
These people are as disgraceful as the Daily Kos. This is a blatant attempt by the insane right to discredit the only electable Republican going. We are seeing a mirror in the lunatic Ann Coulter backing Hillary Clinton so as to provoke a complete disaster and bring the “true” Republicans back in four years later.
You cannot believe that ideological purity will guarantee power. You cannot accuse the Democrats and the Left of being a religious movement, then behave exactly the same. You have to realise that you might be wrong on some positions and that the moderate American is a bit less fanatical that you.
Grow up Ann Coulter and the ideological right. There is far more at stake than your pride.