Russia declares war on Georgia

August 8, 2008

We are seeing the opening moves of the attempted Russian conquest of Georgia. This is worrying beyond any exaggeration as Georgia is a free and growing nation. My feeling on this is that Russia will crush Georgia (Especially, if unsupported) and use that as an example to cow the ex-Soviet nations into towing the line, or further territorial demands will materialise.
This could not come at a worse time for helping Georgia, given that the militarily active parts of NATO are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. We must at least supply weapons and ammunition to Georgia and warn Russia against expanded or future aggression.

Let’s watch the Left either wring its hands and say “war is not the answer”, or take the Russian side but not so as one might look as if one is supporting them.

The Coming War

April 8, 2008

War is coming. The scent of cordite, jet fuel and blood can be detected on the wind from the East. Iran now openly moves towards nuclear weaponry, supplies and organizes the terrorists in Iraq on a semi-covert basis and plots with North Korea and Syria . Syria provides the logistical cord that makes Hizbollah such a formidable force within Lebanon, while all the time, Hamas grow stronger.
Stories have reached me of Russian, Chinese and North Korean mercenaries operating against NATO in Afghanistan, alongside the Taliban, while the Russian army is reported to be on a high degree of offensive training and is “tense”, sensing that something is going to happen. I suspect the Russian and North Korean governments of hiring mercenaries in order to cash in on the lucrative drugs money of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
There are well-substantiated reports of preparations for the war against Iran, which will probably take place simultaneously against Syria from Israel. And in the background, Russia grows ever more aggressive, leading one to wonder where might be the target. Reportedly, Russian troops are training for amphibious landings, leaving possible targets of the Baltic states, the Scandinavian states, Britain (unlikely), the Balkans (via the Black Sea) or possible targets in the Mediterranean (unlikely due to the US presence). The other possibility is a move either on or into Iran; either a conquest or an alliance to seize the regional resources and establish a joint hegemony in the region, though it remains to be seen how this might work in practise. The other target could then be Turkey – seizure of Turkey (a long standing Russian imperial aim), while Iran and Syria complete regional dominance in the Middle East would leave Russia quite strong.

Goodbye to Blogger, I hope!

November 23, 2007

Ok. Let’s try writing this in Word and then pasting it across.

Hi, this is hopefully my first blog that actually looks grammatical – on account of the bloody text editors screwing up all the time. I mean all I want to do is write and I feel like I’m being sabotaged by these text windows that break a sentence halfway through and cannot keep into a box.

Anyway, today’s post is on the UN.
The United Nations General Assembly has just approved changes thrust through the UN Human Rights Council by underhand means. These include the abolition of the independent investigators into Belarus and Cuba and the reinstatement of the permanent agenda item on Israel, which comes at the behest of the Islamic bloc.
What does this mean and why does it matter? To you and me on the street in Britain – not a lot in any immediate sense. Israel is far away and who really cares what the rulers of tyrannical states actually do to their own people?
Well, this is why it matters. First and foremost, it is a near-requirement of leftwing politics that we regard the UN and the international community as having more legitimacy than nation states. But we have to scrutinise our own feelings on this and ask why this is the case? We all still believe in nation states, indeed the UN does, it is in the founding charter that the right to national self-determination shall not be breached.
So what then? Is it a belief in the morality of the UN? That by representing almost all the world, then the “united voice” of the international community holds a greater moral sanction than the voice of one man?
Well, patently this is rubbish. Less than half the governments represented at the UN were actually elected and many are outright tyrannies. What does a tyranny mean? It means a government that routinely denies its citizens the right to free speech, human rights, secure property against an arbitrary state and all the things that make life in the West so bearable.
Why have these countries been given moral gravitas by the left? Because they are anti-American. Why are they anti-American? Simple. The USA is not a tyranny, it does not always support tyrannies and indeed has a history of removing them from power. If the US were an empire like the Soviet Union, you could see a lot of these nations sucking up the US for fear of reprisal and envy of emulation.
In sum, the United Nations has to be looked at in the light of the 1940s. The UN was established primarily with the aim of being a body of arbitration between the great powers, Britain, France, the USA and USSR. Moral authority (misplaced in the UN, in any case) can achieve very little without the apparatus of the state. The UN can ask for troops to enforce resolutions but without co-operation this means very little.
Can anyone imagine the UN calling for troops to stop the US and her allies invading Iraq in 2003? For a start, the USA and Britain would have vetoed any resolution and in the theoretical circumstances of abstention, what could physically be done? The European nations have no control over the seas – that’s the US Navy’s prerogative, the Russian fleet is inferior and smaller, the Chinese navy small and still relatively backwards. And given the frightening display of military prowess in 1991 and 2003, Russia and China would not engage western troops at long range.
So on a practical basis the UN proves to be what it was originally, a talking shop for the world, moderated by the Great Powers. But why are we concerned about the subversion of the human rights organisations? Because we still look to the UN as a source of international legitimacy and morality.

It is time for the West to abandon the UN or close it down in its entirety. The UN is a corrupt and weak institution, which cannot manage to wield any authority, moral or real, in the 21st Century.
It would be better for an alliance similar to NATO to be set up, first and foremost a military alliance, as the military are the primary arm of the state. Such an alliance can only consist of democracies committed to the defence of human rights, international peace and order. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have no place in such an alliance, indeed with the exception of China they are the enemies what such an alliance would mean.
End the UN and free the world from the dead grasping fingers of tyranny.