Unscientific scientists

August 3, 2010

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If someone spoke in public in this manner, what would you think of their scientific  credentials? I’ve removed as much as possible to preserve the mystery…

I am not going to dwell on [removed]. The science is in. [removed] should simply be condemned as a socially disruptive cognitive disorder. It seduces people who are psychologically unwilling to admit limits to [removed]. [removed] cling to the arrogant “mechanical philosophy” of mankind’s infinite right and capacity to exploit and transcend his [removed]. Or, they suffer from a kind of morally indifferent, fatalistic nihilism.

Like other cognitive disorders that have in the past caused great suffering to humanity, [removed] is impervious to observed facts. As the [removed] crisis worsens, [removed] perversely flourishes even more, confusing the community and eroding public support for sound risk-averse policies.

The idealist, the fool and the priest

January 20, 2009

“Pull out from Iraq and renounce the US policy of selective and unilateral military intervention to overthrow foreign dictatorships, like the Saddam Hussein regime, in favour of a policy supporting democratic and humanitarian civil society organisations within those countries, in order to empower the victims of oppression to liberate themselves.”

Peter Tatchell is an idealist and aspires towards the progressive and the good. There is a problem, not with the idealism but with the bloody stupidity of some of his sentiments. The question that hangs in the air at the sight of such a fatuous statement is “HOW?” How do you support such groups against barbarism? One cannot have a peace march against a government whose answer would be to machine-gun the crowds. In fact one might accuse Peter Tatchell of having a priest’s lust for imposing victimhood upon the weak – how many must be tortured, raped or murdered before such an end can be reached? How much terror will break a tyrannical regime?
The answer is “none”. Terror is always overthrown from the outside.

The creeping return of totalitarianism

January 3, 2009

An US university has provided another example of the increasing power-grab executed by the PC left.

A mature student working part-time at the university was found guilty of racial harassment – for silently reading a book about the defeat of the KKK in a riot by Notre Dame student in 1924. He was summoned to a hearing, given no indication of any wrongdoing and then told a few weeks later that he was guilty of racial harassment… No appeal and this was now on his permanent record – who will hire a graduate guilty of racial harassment?

Seriously, watch the video linked above  and follow the links. This has got to stop.

At some point someone is going to say, “I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition…”

It started two years ago

October 6, 2008

ACORN’s voter fraud antics began two years ago. This is not a group of rogues within the organisation but a part of that organisation’s outlook. The Democrats convinced themselves that the 2000 election was stolen and their radical fringe has long since decided that democracy is broken and must be manipulated to get the “people’s choice” into power.
From Frontpagemagazine.

Identifying our Enemies

September 22, 2008

The international insitutions of the 20th Century are decrepit and falling apart from the moral decay at their heart. The European Union is stuck in the pursuit of a utopian dream of the abolition of the nation state as the cause of war; Germany is siding openly with the tyrannies of China and Russia against the West, against the US and Israel in particular.
The United Nations is corrupt; invested with utopian hopes of ending war and in turn achieving international concord, these aims are left in the hands of the enemies of freedom, liberty and humanism. In the UN, most of the nations of the world are openly, to one degree or another, aligned with the enemies of the West.
And within the West, the liberal-left are the subversive, seditious element, whose identification of humanism and freedom as the creator of human misery though capitalism and democracy, causes them to emerge as the followers of the enemy within; they follow the extreme left like the “moral majority” of Germans followed Adolf Hitler. Why is this?
I believe that Evan Sayet and others put the collective finger upon the reason for this: they yearn for a utopia, to believe in and follow the leaders to a utopia. So we have the Greens with “principal speakers” – to avoid the appearence of formal leadership and dictatorship, nonetheless impose a totalitarian mindset upon each other and all those who might listen to them. Hitler offered a utopia – a future of racially defined harmony and glory; the liberal-left follow the extreme left into a dream of a utopia, where freedom is proved to be a sham to create misery and those who perpuate misery, who cut the heads off of little boys, who would murder and impose a tyrannical and truly oppressive state, are the harbringers of “true” freedom, the creators of utopia.

Right now, Germany is in bed with its real enemies, its’ elite and people fooled by the liberal-leftists of the 1960s and the political remnants of National Socialism. There are those who attack the covert anti-semitism of the political dialogue of Germany, but they are very much a minority. I believe that for somewhere like Germany, David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine is right in that the eventual reaction will not be politically liberal in the old sense of the word but nationalistic and possibly neo-fascist in outlook. By destroying the intellectual frameworks of European civilisation, the liberal-left are opening the ground to their enemies who will draw upon the most avastic emotions to promote an agenda of true hatred.
When this happens, will the liberal-left – those like Andrew Sullivan or Jonathan Freedland – recognise their folly? Will they recognise that by destroying rational criticism and promoting ideological indoctrination, by appeasing and assisting their declared enemies in Islam and in the world tyrannies that they will have destroyed themselves? I don’t know if they could because they are so morally bankrupt that those who are not put to death or imprisoned will switch sides and pretend to be progressive.

Will they recognise that organisations like Amnesty International exist because of the West and the Enlightenment and not despite the West? Will they wake up to the manipulation of their stupidity by the extreme and totalitarian left? In the 1990s, we thought in Britain that the far-left were redundant and gone, but did not listen to those who were telling us that the far-left were still lurking in the woodwork of education, destroying and corrupting the teachings of the Enlightenment – the majority of the practitioners were liberal-left, not consciously aware of the ends of the methods employed and fixated on illusory enemies – the political right. Capitalism and Democracy are being undermined by the far-left from within; I still need to read the sources that Melanie Phillips gave, but I believe in my heart that she is right in declaring that Barack Obama is a far-leftist and ideologically related to the Communist Party. There are too many trails leading back to the Communists and their totalitarian fellow travellers from his person to dismiss and scaremongering.

There is an interesting discussion begun on Harry’s Place by Adam LeBor about is the Right the place of intellectual coherence and confidence today? The left is frightened, split and confused by the modern world: the right is not exactly unified but is much more so than the left. I remain in the small (and perhaps slightly expanding) part of the left who can work with the majority of the right against this threat. I share the company of men like Nick Cohen and Christopher Hitchens, and women like Meryl Yourish and am proud to know what is right and to be prepared to fight for it.

Revolutionaries, Pah!

September 12, 2008

Just read Daniel Finkelstein’s blog entry on Malcom X, the myth and the man existing in sharp contradiction. Perhaps it is because all revolutionaries who do not succeed remain sad little bastards on the fringe of normality. He’s been romanticised by a left that needed a dead martyr not as “sold out” as Martin Luther King, he’s been romanticised because he advocated violence, not peace, which is the primary tool of the far left, and he’s been romanticised because the ’60s radicals needed an icon of revolution, not compromise. That is why they idolised Malcom X (confused, murderous doctrinal thug), Che Guevara (fascist murderer) and still secretly idolise the Soviet Union. The far left and their fellow travellers are, to paraphrase Orwell, professed pacifists in love with political violence.

Small point and Michelle Malkin

August 27, 2008

Small point but in Britain, the first female leader of either of the two main political parties and the first female prime minister of the country was Margaret Thatcher. Now she achieved that post through sheer merit and force of personality and by her ability to lead and argue in debate.
Now the Democrats across the pond have been obsessed with countering sexism and other discriminations for years… Yet they seem to have trouble with women… Hillary in my view would have been better qualified to lead the Democrats, despite her troublesome baggage, yet the party chooses a black man (ok, he’s not “black”, he’s a white man with dark skin) over a woman. I mean hey! I thought merit ought to decide party leaders, not who’s more discriminated against.

I watched the video of Michelle Malkin being harassed, verbally abused and threatened by the moonbats outside the DNC. Shocking. I hope she is quite alright and that Alex Jones does something to be put in prison. Bastard.
It is interesting that the far left spout slogans of “peace, liberty and justice”, but what they mean is “obey, group think and tyranny”. If you disagree with Michelle Malkin, moonbats, try having a debate. I would disagree with her over the internment of Japanese citizens of the USA in the Second World War, but I haven’t read her book and would interested to do so. It is wrong to extrapolate from her book that she is arguing for racial based detention (meaning in this case that all muslims should be locked up) but I would suspect that she might argue for dentention of those who are known or suspected of Islamic terrorist activity.
The moonbats respond to an alternative point of view just as the Nazis did – with intimidation, denial of the public space and violence (the communist who tried to attack the Christian crazies who attended Recreate ’68). Notice that Alex Jones and his supporters were actually urging murder – “Kill Michelle Malkin”. If I were in her shoes, I would be pressing for his arrest on a charge of breaching the peace and incitment to murder.

This kind of incitement is dangerous and must be stopped as it poisons the political atmosphere. If far right crazies can bring guns to Denver, what is stopping a communist or a trotskyite trying to murder Michelle Malkin, Robert Spencer or David Horowitz? Just because you disagree does not make the other person a criminal.

Nick Cohen’s genius once more…

August 24, 2008

“Greenpeace, so harsh on democratic countries, was as excessive in its praise. After registering a few reservations, it declared the dictatorship’s work was ‘tremendous’ and ‘positively unique”. Beijing was providing ‘important lessons to other Chinese cities’.”
From Prince Potemkin’s Olympic Village.

Nick Cohen highlights not only the duplicitous nature of the “Great Sham of our Time” in the Beijing games but the anti-western, pro-totalitarian nature of Greenpeace and the Environmental movement.

But then again, that’s alright. The West appears to have given up on democracy. Much better to have “wise” people in charge – it’s alright, they’re spiritual you know – they’ve been to India.

The West’s reaction to Russia’s aggression

August 10, 2008

There are only two possible broad reactions to the aggression by Russia against Georgia, which appears in design and intent to be that of an imperialist aggression with the intent of subjugating the Georgians.
The first is to ignore it and blame Georgia for getting into the current situation, in other words, how dare you make us have to choose! This reaction is typified by the Guardian newspaper.
The second is to calmly state to Russia that the aggression will not stand and that unless Russian troops are withdrawn by a certain date and time, then the military nations of the West (USA, Britain, France and those reliable allies) will declare war.

In my view, the second is absolutely necessary and that we should begin preparations for a long war at the moment of the refusal of the ultimatum. In Britain this will mean moving to a war footing in finance so as we can double the size of the army over the next five years, doing the same with the Royal Navy and the RAF. At the same time, we should use our existing resources to strike hard against the vulnerable points in Russia: its civilian infrastructure, the military bases and above all hit the oil and petrol industry to shut down the Russian ability to wage war.
Even if Georgia is lost, we must declare firmly that we will recover that nation’s independence by force unless regular and paramilitary Russian forces and administrators withdraw from Georgia in its entirety. Russia right now is a cross between Tsarist Russia in the 19th Century and the Soviet Union; it is an aggressive, paranoid but vulnerable nation and we must be prepared to pay the price in blood and treasure to defeat that aggression.

Russia declares war on Georgia

August 8, 2008

We are seeing the opening moves of the attempted Russian conquest of Georgia. This is worrying beyond any exaggeration as Georgia is a free and growing nation. My feeling on this is that Russia will crush Georgia (Especially, if unsupported) and use that as an example to cow the ex-Soviet nations into towing the line, or further territorial demands will materialise.
This could not come at a worse time for helping Georgia, given that the militarily active parts of NATO are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. We must at least supply weapons and ammunition to Georgia and warn Russia against expanded or future aggression.

Let’s watch the Left either wring its hands and say “war is not the answer”, or take the Russian side but not so as one might look as if one is supporting them.