Ken Livingstone reselected by the Labour Party for London.

September 25, 2010

Seems that the London Labour Parties have set the example for the wider constituency parties in taking refuge in their socialist past.
The issues around Ken Livingstone not only touch on his cronyism and his egotistical personality but also on his ideological issues. This is a politician who speaks of being in favour of women’s and gay rights but then will ally covertly and overtly with Islamists whose position on those issues is a:) subjugation, legal rape and the removal of women from the public sphere and b:) death to all homosexuals, lesbians etc.
Besides these emotive issues, Ken Livingstone openly allies with the Iranian regime, the Chavez regime in Venezuela and the Muslim Brotherhood in the same pattern as we have seen all hardcore socialist thinkers and politicians doing in concert with the western liberal intelligentsia.
Re-electing Ken Livingstone would be bad news for London at the very least.

Why I voted Conservative and Labour

December 23, 2009

I am posting the following link and making the following statement.

Yes, I voted for the Labour Party in the city council elections and voted for the Conservatives on Europe. I did not vote for “homophobes” nor for racists (an untrue charge from what I can see).
I voted out of a wish partly to express my personal rejection of the Lisbon Treaty but also to express my desire for a limited euroscepticism. The European Union is corrupt and in many ways undemocratic and I would like to see a much more through reform with the objective of a more efficient and representative EU structure.
I do not agree with the project for a European State, partly as I feel that on many measures the voters of Europe have not often been consulted (and when they have, the voters of France, Germany and Ireland were told that they had given the wrong answer). I do not believe that the EU should become a supranational state as I do not understand the requirement for one.
If Europe is to be a trading bloc with commonality of laws to facilitate trade, freedom of movement and the protection of the individual in law, then this is a project worthy of any reasonable support. But a state (with a bureaucracy, armed forces and the governing structures requisite to this end) is not required, except possibly out of a sense of the ghost of the Roman Empire and the ideal of political unification. One cannot help feeling the desire of the French and German political elites for the construction of a new political empire to replace the lost empires of the 20th Century.
I have taken care to look up the parties associated with the European Conservatists and Reformists, the political grouping into which the Conservative Party has aligned. The accuation of anti-semitism and racism seems to hold no ground – the Latvian war memorials, which include Waffen-SS dead are attended by all parties in Latvia, from the Christian Democrats to the Greens. Only the Russian parties do not attend for reasons particular to the history between Russia and Latvia.
Law and Justice are well known as this party was until recently the governing party of Poland. All Polish parties are influenced by Catholic views – is that surprising?
The party that worries me is the Christian Union from the Netherlands. These hail from a rather unpleasant religious ghetto of politics, being homophobic and anti-free market. This said, politics makes for strange bed fellows, especially in Europe with a wide and diverse range of parties and views. The Labour Party is in a group which features 9/11 truthers, anti-semites (real ones with links to David Duke) and politicians convicted of murder and the demand of sexual services for favours in politics.
The source for this is here.

It appears to me that the Labour Party (David Milliband) have attempted to pull a hatchet job on the Conservatives and most unfairly. I still don’t feel at home with the Conservatives feeling that in many ways I still prefer the Labour Party but I have to be honest in what I believe and think to be the best course for our country. The Labour Party are unfit to rule and should be defeated before they wreck anymore of the constitution with reference to a proposal to pass into law a requirement for the next government to hold a referendum to canvas opinion as to the possibility of reform of the electoral system.
Those who know me know that I absolutely oppose PR or watering-down of the the FPTP electoral system. I strongly believe that a government should be made up of one party and that PR encourages particularism. The idealistic notion that groupings of similar temperment would cooperate when fractured assumes the best in human nature despite the lessons of history.

Future manifesto?

September 8, 2008

Why couldn’t this be the content for the next Labour Party manifesto?